Operational Efficiency

About Grade-A

Grade A Industrial Parks

Grade A industrial parks represent the pinnacle in industrial infrastructure, offering world-class amenities, robust security, and unparalleled operational efficiency. Unlike their Grade B and C counterparts, these parks are meticulously planned and feature top-notch facilities that cater to the diverse needs of modern manufacturing units. They serve as the backbone for industries aiming to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.
Grade-A facilities

Operational Efficiency and Advanced Amenity

Wide Roads for Easy Accessibility

The park features 75mtr wide & 25mtr wide bitumen roads (Two-way access) ensuring easy manoeuvrability for trucks and smooth transportation of goods.

Secured Entry and Exit Points

Motorized entrance gates equipped with boom barriers facilitate secure and efficient entry and exit within the park.

Accommodating Structure Design

With a clear height ranging from 10-12m from the Finished Floor Level (FFL), the park can accommodate various industrial needs.

Advanced Firefighting Systems

The park is equipped with sprinkler based systems.

Efficient Lighting

The buildings within the park are illuminated with 150 lux LED lights, ensuring a bright and productive work environment.

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